Real agricultural engineering

Professional machine design, development and manufacturing service in reach of every farmer

Free range layers nests

Egg Grading Machines, cleaning & infeed machines

Purpose specific machinery

Many years of industry experience

More than a decade of engineering design and manufacturing experience on various complex products, all of which are based on and supported by our commitment to honesty, being trustworthy and punctual and completing our working with a strong moral code.

Planning &

We pride ourselves in the accurate design, execution and manufacturing of all products within a budget. We have a thorough understanding of managing change and the integration of new machine developments.


We focus mainly on agricultural machinery and design using the latest 3D CAD software packages which enable us to get consistent quality and precision.

Our PRoducts

Nesting Boxes


We can ship all of our products, making it easy and convenient for you to buy from us!

Professional Support

We here at AIBO Engineering pride ourselves in our service and support.


All our work is of such high quality that we include a 100% money back guarantee on all our products

Custom designs

If you need a custom designed machine, we're your answer!

AIBO Engineering

Our Services

Customize your machinery

We can customize current products for a specific purpose.

Custom product design

We can design new custom solutions.

Custom machinery

We can manufacture custom machinery and products to end users or retailers.

Plant layout design

We can create complete egg processing plant layouts for new developments.

About AIBO Engineering

Quality innovative products The AIBO team, led by their CEO who holds a degree in mechanical engineering, enjoy the design and manufacture of mechanical food and related products, including the process and the opportunity to design and manufacture good quality products for clients. Farming and agriculture as a whole, is the CEO’s passion and that is also why he passionately commits all their available time and effort thereto.
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